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About Us

Who We Are

We’re just a group of friends who one day took a look at the retail marketplace & decided that we could make a positive impact right here in the mattress game. We come from various backgrounds – art, commerce, counseling, to name a few – and we somehow all found common ground in this little business.

I know – pretty random, right?

What We Do

We do our very best to bring to market the highest quality mattress options that we can find for every budget.

While we do stock some major national and large regional brands, where we really shine is in our house line. For this, we work closely with our local factory to replicate all the best features of the major brands while leaving out the hefty price tag. So, when you buy a Bed Post mattress, you’ll be getting the same great quality of the big boys at about half the price (sometimes less!).

Why We Do It

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t start this business with the intention of blowing it up as big as we have. We all just wanted to be our own bosses & to have a little project on the side while we worked on other things. Well, the months went by & the people just kept coming. Customers were referring friends & family and people kept telling us they liked our laid back style. We don’t pressure you, we don’t push you into anything, and we’re not gonna BS you about a mattress.

So, after a little soul searching, we decided to dive in headfirst & do it right. Yeah, we’re here to make a little money (hey, we have bills – they’ve gotta get paid somehow); but we don’t feel like buying a mattress should be a painful or irritating experience. There’s no reason these other retailers should be tripling and quadrupling their wholesale cost & passing it along to their customers. We don’t do it like that. We keep our business lean & our prices low. We focus on quality product & great personalized service. And most of all, we just try to be cool people.

Local Over National 

The majority of the mattresses we sell are designed & manufactured right here in Los Angeles. When you buy a product from a local retailer who, in turn, buys their product from a local factory or supplier; everyone around you wins. Instead of sending your dollars to a large national or multi-national operation, your money stays right here at home, helping to create jobs and enrich the lives of the people around you.

On top of that, the level of service that we can provide using these local manufacturers is far superior to the service you’ll get from some far-away factory. We never expect to have problems with any of our products. However, let’s face it, it does happen once in a blue moon. Should you have any warranty issues, problems, or any issues at all with one of our products, we’ll be right here to immediately help. If you need some proof of that, please browse our Yelp reviews. We’re confident you’ll like what you see!

Our Approach To Business Is Different

It’s pretty simple, really. We believe in what we like to call, “Mutually Beneficial Transactions.” That basically means that if you give us the chance to earn your business, we’ll give you a great product for the lowest price we can afford. We don’t over-inflate our prices just because a mattress has a higher “perceived value,” and we don’t sell for more just because the guys down the street are doing so. Instead, we figure out the real cost of the product on our end & use that to gauge our pricing.

We’re not here to maximize profit. We’re here to make fair deals. You get an awesome mattress & great service for the lowest price possible, and we get to feed our families & stay in business. Everybody wins.

We Give Back

We’re proud to donate a portion of our profits to charity every year. From churches to shelters & other charitable organizations, we try to spread the love around as best we can.

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